mardi 11 février 2020
vendredi 14 février 2020
semaine externe #2
semestre 2
10h le premier jour
atelier édition
12 participants

par Ilona Németh

Ferenc Gróf

Workshop en anglais
Ouvert à toutes les années

During the workshop we'll continue the work started in October around the problematics of sugar industry. The main goal is to finalize the projects, to prepare the group exhibition planned at La Box (May 2020) and to define the frames of the publication. The first day (Tuesday 11/02) we'll host Szilvia Németh (T-Tudok, Budapest), a researcher from Budapest, who will conduct an experiment about the European East-West divide. Ilona Németh will be present during the whole week, we'll discuss the main goals of the Eastern Sugar collaboration, we'll specify the curatorial goals of the exhibition and we'll visit a sugar factory (Thursday 13/02).


Ilona Németh is an artist, professor, organizer and curator based in Slovakia. Her artistic practice is a search for the balance between personal experience of growing up in the country marked by plenty of political turmoil and the universal history of the Eastern Bloc countries during the transition period from 1990 until now. She was professor, head of the Studio IN, leading International education program Open Studio at the Department of Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava between 2014-2019.
She exhibited widely both locally and internationally. Her solo project Eastern Sugar was presented at Kunsthalle Bratislava in 2018. Her solo shows were organized among others in Bratislava, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Helsinki, Rome. She represented Slovakia (together with J. Suruvka) at the 49th Venice Biennale in 2001. She cocurated the exhibition series Private Nationalism in 6 countries (2014-2015); Universal Hospitality 1., 2016, Vienna, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic, 2017. Currently working on the international exhibition and research project Eastern Sugar supported by Creative Europe program.


East - West – North - South
Audience development workshop
Lengths: 120 min + 2 breaks

This 2-hour-long workshop has two aims: as a focus group discussion, it will collect the ideas of the participants about the topic, and by its activities it will provoke thinking and debates about being European; and provides safe environment for comparing different local experiences.

The workshop activities will be designed to motivate and support thinking of teenagers and youngsters about local differences and commonalities within the boundaries of the European Union. Young participants taking part in the educational workshops will have an opportunity to collect and think about similar local cases, close to those that is presented in the Eastern Sugar project itself. What is our local reading of the local cases? And how can they be translated to European macro-level? What do we think about Europe through the collected cases? The workshop also reveals what people actually know about Europe, what it means for them being European.

Methodology : interactive workshop, using the pedagogical methodology of creative learning.


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