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Résidente Box

Janvier > Mars 2017

Résidences Box 2016-2017

Noa Gur

Noa Gur was born in Holon, Israel in 1980 and currently resides andworks in Berlin, as well as her native Tel Aviv. She has internationallyexhibited in museums, galleries and art fairs such as the BravermanGallery, Tel aviv, the Herzeliya Museum, Herzeliya; Galerie CampagnePremiere, Autocenter and Circle 1 in Berlin; Museum “Kunst im Tunnel”,Düsseldorf; Museu MAN Nuoro, Italy; Artissima Artfair, Turin; to mentiona few. In 2013 she won the art grant “Kunstfonds Bonn”, Germany, andspent the following year, 2014, at the “Artport” residency, Tel aviv. In2015 she was awarded the “Prize for young artists” by the ministry ofculture, Israel. Some of her works are contained in private and publiccollections, among those, the Goetz Collection in Munich and Maisoneuropéenne de la photographie, Paris. She will spend the upcomingyear as the recipient of the residency grants Atelier Galata in Istanbul,Reso in Turin, and La Box, in Bourges, France.

Much of my body of work speaks of subverted perceptions, in particular of selfperception,as informed by the act of navigating between seeing and being seen.I aspire to draw parallels between Visibility and acknowledgement, primarily in thecontext of cultural and ethnic alienation. Hence, I often relate to the process ofacquiring a particular civil identity as well as gaining the authorities’ legitimation, inan attempt linger on the moment in which the alien, becomes graspable andeffectively returns its outlook on the viewer. I have increasingly engaged with theways in which the art sphere and the display of visual culture can becomeentrenched in programs that instil political ideologies, and serve to affirm politicalnarratives of collective identity. Directly or indirect artistic intervention in places ofcultural and aesthetic authority have the potential to help to reconfigure the visiblelandscape.

Noa Gur

Projet de résidence
The public discourse in Europe concerning the refugees regards the issue asa problem yet to be solved. Some wonder how will the middle easternimmigrants fit themselves to the alleged German or European social andmoral construction. besides there is a acute problem regarding space issues:Where should so many reside? Issues such as acute housing shortages giveway to Reactionaries voicing criticism that can culminate in raising doubtsover integration within so called German or European social and moralconstructions. My current project is occupied with “solutions”: it locatespublic arenas in European cities, where they attempt to utilise spacesparingly so as not to interfere with the everyday circumstances that localcitizens have to engage in. I use my own body as the model for the visualsimulation in these situations. An additional project, that I will be occupiedwith, regards the body, environment and relocation and will be worked aswell during the residency and will include a green- screen studio as a liverecorded installation, mixed with ever-changing footage and projected on ascreen in a nearby room.

Body and territory A participatory workshop concerning the correlationbetween the subject’s body, the space encompassing it, and vice versa.Accordingly, the mode of Alienation will be regarded from several historicaland artistic contexts, as a transformative tool, potentially leading toempowerment. The workshop will consist of theoretical references, as wellas screening of performance and video art pieces in the subject, and aparticipatory component which include filming with green screen and visualcompositing in themes that relate to the ways in which space and the bodyinfluenced or influencing one another. The workshop will explore selfportrait as a performative tool enhanced to investigate conditions andsurroundings from various perspectives. Whether it is a city or a country, aconflict zone, a geometrical plane, that the subject of the photograph findhimself or herself in.

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