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Résidences Box 2018-2019

Ganz forming storming norming performing
Ganz forming storming norming performing

Born 1988 in Graz/Austria. Susanna Flock graduated in visual arts in the field of experimental design in Linz/Austria in 2015 and in 2017 she also graduated in arts and cultural studies/video and video installation at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna/Austria. In 2010, she won the Henkel Art.Award. – Nachwuchpreis Österreich, followed by the Ö1 Talentestipendium for Fine Arts 2011. Recently, she was distinguished with the Crossing Europe Innovative Award – Local Artist 2017. She has participated in exhibitions and screenings in selected venues, among others, in Vienna, Leipzig, Vigo, Zurich, Toronto, Frankfurt, Wroclaw and Sao Paulo. Currently she is a fellow at Academy Schloss Solitude for Time-based Media.

An integral part of my artistic work is a mode of practice coined by experimental strategies and a conceptual approach. Art as a medium of communication and the examination of the impact of digitalisation on cultural production, coverage and reception form the thematic basis of my work. The concepts are implemented in the form of installation, intervention, video, audio, photography and graphics, however, the moving image often takes on a central role. Questions dealing with the role of language in the current context of digital communication and the relationship between the body and its technologically-mediated environment are reflected in the substantive approach of my work.

Projet de résidence
Digital visual effects are an essential element of contemporary film production. CGI (computer-generated image) opens endless possibilities to create visualizations of thoughts and fictions not constrained by the laws of physics. Starting point of the experimental film are placeholders used as stand-ins for computer-generated images. They will become main protagonists of an experimental video work discussing themes oscillating between virtual and physical realms, body cult and disembodiment, visibility and invisibility.

Commissioned by: Wikipedia Random-Article Generator The students will be invited to take part in an experimental web exhibition. The individual contributions of the web exhibition will be commissioned by the Random Article Generator of the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. The arbitrary selection Wikipedias becomes the curatorial principle of the exhibition.

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