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Résidente Box

Octobre > Décembre 2020

Résidences Box 2020-2021

Alexandra Hunts

Holding an MFA from Malmo Art Academy (SE) and a BFA from Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL), a artist in residency at Art Hub Copenhagen and Fabrikken, Copenhagen, working on a long term project in collaboration with Niels Bohr Institute department of Quantum Physics. Alexandra has previously been a FOAM Talent, nominated for various awards like Rudin Prize, ING Talent Award, Somfy Photography award, exhibited at Norton Museum of Art (USA), Galerie Bart, Amsterdam, UN Photo, Taiwan, Red Hook Labs New York.

Alexandra Hunts works within photography, installation, and sculpture as her main mediums, where she is experimenting with physical material as philosophical. The format of the work depends on the conceptual frame, and her work is always rooted in deep investigations and research that spans across disciplines such as art, science, history and critical theory. With her work, she tries to cut through the disciplinary boundaries of academia and disturb the lines between legitimate and illegitimate forms of knowledge.

Projet de résidence
During my residency I would like to touch on topic of what is radiation and measurement? How radiation can be seen as information resource and how technology and measurement system can calculate the evidence of the climate change.

Historically, measurement metric system and International System of Unites was based on the metre introduced in France in the 1790s. The meter is unit of length based on results from expedition “Le Mètre du Monde” the prime meridian of the world, that runs through Paris Observatory and Bourges. The project will combine science, social and economic relations based on this historical fact.

Artist and the scientist are not a different as they first appear to be. In both disciplines, revolutions occur when prejudices and traditions are questioned, often linked to larger cultural events.

Central theme: the difference/similarity between scientists and artists in investigating the world. How to connect knowledge and physical experience throughout artistic approach?

The workshop will be basen on topic of “experimentality” and what that entails in art based research. We will look upon different approaches in experimentation and discuss on how to develope methodology, collaborations and the means of artistic research.


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