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MoTA - Museum of Transitory Art / Ljubljana

Du 10 novembre au 9 décembre 2023

Solo exhibition by Ferenc Gróf
Photo noir et blanc, homme en veste mains serrées l'une contre l'autre, avec carré noir dissimulant son visage, mot "anxiogène" écrit en bas du carré.

Imagine a neo-gothic skyscraper, right out of a DC Comics

the Cathedral of Learning – an existing construction, that is the centerpiece at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, United States. Inside the building, there are more than thirty ‘nationality rooms’ commemorating the cultural heritage of the communities that supported and planned the city’s construction. Amongst them one can find the Yugoslav Room, English Room, Irish, Scottish, German, Hungarian, and many more. Yet there is no room for the ‘Internationalists’, which is all the more disconcerting given the role Pittsburgh played in the history of the US workers’ movement.

International Room is a solo exhibition by the Hungarian artist Ferenc Gróf. The installation at the MoTA LAB space acts as a proposal for the ‘International room’ that would commemorate the ghosts of the internationalists, alongside their ethnic counterparts, in the Cathedral of Learning.

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